About Us

The Shoebin is a variation of a cobbler service in the Baltimore, Maryland region. There is a market when it comes to shoe repair in relation to those who collect designer sneakers. Designer shoes use various materials, patterns and colors that a traditional cobbler may not have vast experience in.

As in any collectible market, there is a need for a service which helps to keep the collection at it's best. The Shoebin creates a convenient way for those collectors to have their shoes cleaned, repaired, customized and sent back.

The Shoebin was built on the core values of service, uniqueness, creativity, craftsmanship, meticulousness, and passion. Our vision is to provide a unique and quality service to sneaker connoisseurs and our mission statement is "Wear your soul on your feet". By utilizing quality products and offering a unique service of a cobbler at your door, based on a model of mailing sneakers in for service, The Shoebin plans to tap into a market of "Sneakerheads" everywhere.




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